Ardi - Beyond Broome

Tourism Operators on the Dampier Peninsula

What is Ardi?

Ardi Indigenous Tourism Operators Inc (“Ardi”) is a group of tourism operators based on the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome in the Kimberley region of WA. They are the most successful cluster of Aboriginal tourism operators in Australia as measured by their number (around 20), awards shared among the members, and the length of time the members have collectively been in business. Ardi’s influence on the tourism sector is substantial and they are one of the drivers of domestic and international interest in the Broome and Kimberley region. The Ardi group is aligned through culture, geography and a common purpose to protect their country. The pristine saltwater environment is a key feature of the tourism and cultural enterprises on the Dampier Peninsula and Ardi is focused on safeguarding it; as well as sharing it with visitors.

The members are mostly clustered in two groups; the northern area of the Dampier Peninsula and around the Pender Bay and Beagle Bay areas. This geographical distribution of members lends well to Ardi’s vision of a journey starting in Broome, and continuing onto the Dampier Peninsula.

The Ardi group was formed in 2005. The experiences for visitors on offer among the Ardi group cover accommodation & camping along the coast, guided 4WD “tag along” as well as walking, fishing and hunting tours along the creeks and seashore. There are food experiences; and bush tucker and bush medicinal knowledge shared. Ardi has also created, and delivered, a number of successful Ardi festivals starting with the “Essence of Ardi” in 2015. Ardi has been very effective in merging their saltwater knowledge with the appetite for nature and culture-based holidays.

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With the sealing of the Cape Leveque road and the increase in visitor numbers, Ardi will play an increasingly importa nt role as the key tourism body on the Dampier Peninsula. Real investment in the area, and Ardi, will enable local businesses, with the necessary support, to move from marginal to sustainable and lead the way for cultural tourism on country.  Local investment in the area will create new opportunities in business development, not just for current members, but new and emerging local businesses. Providing the traveller, a whole range of diverse experiences whilst maintaining a competitive edge and a special niche in the marketplace.

Moving forward, Ardi Indigenous Tourism Operators Inc., will continue to develop relationships with tourism and business organisations at a local, state, national and international level to collaborate to make tourism stronger and sustainable. All together we can make a more vibrant sector.

With all of this, Ardi looks forward to a new beginning.