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Welcome to Ardi – Beyond Broome

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Ardi – Beyond Broome

Stretching 220 kilometres north east of Broome along the Cape Leveque Road, the Dampier Peninsula is the perfect getaway for the adventurous traveller, nature enthusiast or those looking for a secluded beachfront escape.

Ardi can be literally translated to a direction “Northeast” in the ancient Bardi language but is perhaps better understood as a journey. This journey up the peninsula has been regularly taken by people from the Broome area for thousands of years. It is a journey through seven language groups connected by ‘songlines’ which eventually leads to the tip of the peninsula and the incredible Kimberley Coast.

You can think of Ardi as your journey into this magnificent landscape; its natural beauty matched by the depth of its culture.  The culture is still very much alive in its people today. Your journey, like those long before you, will be remembered for your experiences along the way as you travel through Pindan bush and open woodland to beaches, tidal flats and the mangrove creeks of the Indian Ocean and King Sound. Here is a place waiting to be explored: the red earth landscape, the unspoiled beaches – leave the everyday behind and be guided by your sense of adventure.

The Dampier Peninsula is Aboriginal land.  The area is one of the few untouched, pristine places in the world, where you get a real feeling of space and solitude, with amazing scenery and stunning views.

As you travel through this pristine area, you are asked to respect the land, the culture and the privacy of local people, especially where access is restricted.  Bookings are essential at all accommodation sites on the Peninsula.

Visit the Dampier Peninsula, get off the beaten track and immerse yourself in paradise.  Take your time, cherish the relationships you make and the new friends you will leave behind.  Make your own Ardi journey, your own Ardi Experience.